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Introducing Vitamins in Motion

Vitamins in Motion is an initiative to raise awareness and advocate for increased access to the essential vitamins all people need to be healthy and well-nourished. Vitamins in Motion aims to highlight the vital role vitamins play in nutrition and health, and calls for finding and implementing scalable, cost-effective solutions to address the world's vitamin deficiencies. 

This site provides you with important information, useful tools, latest scientific publications and ground-breaking books, all around micronutrients. Learn more about the initiative - Join us in setting Vitamins into Motion!  

Published Fri. 17.10.2014

World Food Day 2014: The rise of childhood obesity has placed the health of an entire generation at risk

The world continues to experience malnutrition and undernutrition on an unprecedented scale. So huge and complex is this problem that it sometimes diverts attention from another rapidly growing issue Read more...

Published Tue. 14.10.2014

World Food Day 2014: The question is not whether we can end hunger. It is whether we will.

Stunting is the result of inadequate nutrition in early life and has severe consequences that last a lifetime. A stunted child at the age of two is deprived from achieving its full potential for the Read more...

Published Mon. 13.10.2014

World Food Day 2014: Working Together for Improved Nutrition

Approximately a third of the world's children face lifelong economic and social disadvantage because of poor nutrition during pregancy and in the fist two years of life. A significant proportion of Read more...

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Review Articles Emphasize Nutrition for Health over Deficiency Prevention

Two new reviews were published this week. Barnes and colleagues review nutrients with a role in maintaining cognitive function. Whitehead and colleagues conducted a meta-analysis of randomized,  placebo-controlled studies (RCTs) using ≥ 3 g oat beta glucan daily. Both reviews focus on nutrient intakes required to optimize health.  Read more