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Winner of the DSM Science & Technology Awards Europe 2015

Published Thu. 22.10.2015

Congratulations to Mehdi Sadaghian Sadabad who won the DSM Science & Technology Award Europe which is part of the DSM’s Bright Science Awards program, and was presented in partnership with the Federation for European Nutrition Societies (FENS) during the 12th Congress of the Federation for European Nutrition Societes in Berlin held on 20-21 October 2015.

An international judging committee rewarded Mehdi Sadaghian Sadabad for his PhD research on the interaction between the gut and its microbiota in inflammatory bowel disease, conducted at the University of Groningen under the supervision of Dr. H.J.M. Hermie Harmsen. He received the award for the creation of a new model that studies direct interaction between gastro-intestinal cells and gut bacteria. He proposes a new function for Vitamin B2 to act as a pre-biotic. On October 21 the award was given to Mehdi Sadaghian Sadabad by Dr. Manfred Eggersdorfer, Senior Vice President Nutrition Science & Advocacy of Royal DSM.



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